XFL looks to extend football season with new rules

XFL looks to extend football season with new rules

Vijay Venkatesan, Staff Writer

Six days after Super Bowl LIV, on February 8, the Xtreme Football League (XFL) kicked off its second inaugural season. They originally started in 2001, but ended after one season. This time around they have come with different rules and a more fun style of football to make football season longer and enjoyable after the Super Bowl.

The five gameplay innovations added to the league has had fans excited all over the Internet. The changes start immediately with the kickoff, a touchback in the XFL is at the 35-yard line, 10-yards further than in the National Football League (NFL). The goal there is to encourage more short kicks and more kickoff returns, which can be more exciting.

There are no kicking extra points in the XFL. Instead, after a touchdown is scored, the coach has three different extra points to choose from: A onepoint conversion from the two-yard line, a two-point conversion from the five-yard line, and a three-point conversion from the 10-yard line. These new rules make scoring combinations unique from the NFL and make overtime rare.

If overtime were to happen, it is completely different from the NFL. It consists of five shootout rounds similar to hockey shootouts and soccer penalty kicks. Each round will be one offensive play per team from the five-yard line, similar to a two-point conversion. After five rounds whichever team scores more will win the game. If the teams tie after that, they will continue two-point conversions until one team converts and the other does not.

One of the most interesting rules is the double forward pass. In the for someone other than the quarterback to throw the ball on a trick play, they have to receive the ball by a handoff or a backwards pass. In the XFL, other players can receive a forward pass and proceed to throw again as long as they are behind the line of scrimmage.

There are more gameplay innovations and rule changes that the XFL has made that are on their website. They made their version of football different in hopes that viewers find it enjoyable even though the talent level is lower than that of the NFL.