Experience can take your gifts from good to great

Khrystyna Stets, Broadcast Coordinator

As someone who enjoys gift giving, finding the perfect gift at the right price can pose a difficult challenge. In addition, buyers can face the internal struggle of choosing a gift guaranteed to please the recipient, or finding a gift that obtains unique properties. Despite the recipients guaranteed enjoyment, I believe that gifting a person a personal experience is more meaningful and memorable than a physical gift.

The gift of experience allows a person to grow both physically and mentally. It can also provide a lifelong memory, which creates more sentimental value than any physical gift. Additionally, the gift of experience allows not only the recipient to enjoy the experience but also the person who provided the gift. Sharing the feeling that a more sentimental gift provides can foster the creation of stronger relationships, and ultimately erase the need for physical gifts.

When someone receives a physical gift, there is an initial novelty present. After a few weeks the novelty of physical gifts will wear off, leaving behind the meaning and consideration that was originally imparted with the object.

However, an experience is not always a cheap gift to get some people. Excursions and other popular activities require a greater investment on both a financial and social level. In my mind it is this extra effort and dedication that separates the gift of an experience from the traditional present.

The act of gift giving will always be beneficial to the recipient no matter the price or size of the gift. It is important to focus on the act of gift giving, as it is this that should provide the recipient with joy opposed to the gift being given.

If you are going to buy someone a gift, don’t get caught up in the newest technology or toys. Make the investment to create a personal experience for your gift recipient. It has the ability to create a lifelong memory, and pose the ability to be the of a lifetime.