Super Bowl ends in exciting come from behind victory

Hollis Tharpe , Opinions Editor

The 2019-2020 Super Bowl featured a matchup between the number one seed in the National Football Conference (NFC), the San Francisco 49ers, and the Kansas City Chiefs, the number two seed in the American Football Conference (AFC). The game was a hard fought battle between two juggernauts of the National Football League (NFL). The final score was 31-20 with the Chiefs taking home the Lombardi trophy.

The games Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was given to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, making him the youngest player to ever win the award. Mahomes finished the game with 26 completions on 42 attempts passing for 286 yards, and two touchdowns. Additionally, he rushed for 29 yards and one touchdown. 

Both teams appeared to struggle early on, with both quarterbacks throwing multiple interceptions (picks). Mahomes’ two picks were his first in the playoffs. This is understandable however, because the two quarterbacks had 63 combined starts between them, which is the lowest combined number of starts between two superbowl quarterbacks. 

At halftime, the score was tied 10-10, but the 49ers dominated the third quarter, scoring 10 more points, and holding the Chiefs to zero points. Late game heroics from reigning league MVP Patrick Mahomes resulted in a massive fourth quarter by the Chiefs. 

The most exciting offense in the league finally found their rhythm, scoring 21 points to end the game. Although this may seem nearly impossible, one big quarter is not atypical for the Chiefs. They had a bye in the first round of the playoffs due to their seeding, however in every playoff game this season, they recovered from double digit deficits. Many fans were concerned with this stat, given that the teams they recovered from did not have the dominant defense the 49ers have. In years prior, every time the number one defense faced off against the number one offense, the defense has always prevailed. While the Chiefs did not have the number one offense, they were still ranked in the top five. Many fans doubted the Chiefs ability to put up their regular numbers against a 49ers defense that featured five first round picks in the front seven, but the Chiefs electric offense proved to be too much for the 49ers.  

Despite some early struggles and finding themselves in a 10-point deficit, the Chiefs were able to pull through and secure their first Lombardi trophy in 50 years.