Drama students take to preform ‘Clue’


MJ Martinez

Who did it?– (left to right) Sophomore Ari Sussman (Mr. Wadsworth), seniors Giulio Cirrali (Professor Plum), Matt Adamski (Colonel Mustard), juniors Margaret Fishman (Mrs. Peacock), juniors Sophie Currier (Mrs. White) and Lyndsey Koster (Mrs. Green), and senior Wiktoria Adamska (Miss Scarlet) tip toe through the house as they search for the murderer. The above cast was part of the Friday night production and the Saturday matinée.

Lily Mastrobattista, Features Editor

The Drama Department performed Clue as the annual play on November 14 through November 16 with a total of four shows. This year, English teachers Katie Seymour and Vanessa Clarke chose to double cast the show, and it turned out to be a success in the eyes of students, teachers, faculty and the cast. The mystery Clue takes place at a dinner party where six strangers are in attendance. Soon enough, the guests find out they have been black mailed. As multiple murders pop up throughout the party, the hunt for the murder or murders begins.

The mysterious host, Wadsworth, was double-casted and played by junior Jack Dunphy, and sophomore Ari Sussman. The six dinner guests turned suspected murdered were played by seniors Cecily Meehan and Matthew Adamski, playing the role of Colonel Mustard a war profiteer. Juniors Shelby Smith and Sophie Currier played Mrs. White, a widow of many past husbands; senior Audrey Lewis and junior Margaret Fishman played the prestigious holy, congressmen wife Mrs. Peacock. The sassy Washington DC mistress, Miss Scarlett was played by seniors Jessie Clark and Wiktoria Adamska. The secretive Professor Plum was played by senior Giulio Cirrali, and state department employee turned FBI agent Mrs.Green was played by senior Madison Muszynski and junior Lyndsey Koster.

Both casts took the stage for a total of four shows, adding a matinée show on Saturday. Audience members were even able to participate in the show by guessing who the killer was, where the murder took place, and what the murder weapon was.

“The show was terrifically exciting and exquisite, in which I laughed and seriously wondered who had done it,” senior Ally Kann said.

Junior Jack Dunphy explained his gratefulness and how proud he was as the cast was able to pull the show together in just a short month and a half. Dunphy showed his appreciation for his character and how it has helped advanced his acting and inspired him for his future.

“I am happy to say my role of Wadsworth has inspired me to become more of a character when performing. This has allowed me to interact with the audience more,” Dunphy said.

Clarke credited the success of the play to the collaboration with the Fine and Applied Art Department who helped create the set for the show, and the Audio and Visual Department for the lighting and sound, and the talented actors involved. Both Clarke and Seymour emphasized the effort that all actors portrayed.

“The play went very well this year. I am proud of how each cast worked together to bring the play to life. Students were very self-directed and worked as a team to make the production successful,” Seymour said.

This year’s show being a comedy instead of a drama diverged from years past and was able to give the audience a constant wave of laughter. In previous years, the play has been later in the year, closer to the holiday season, which had sometimes inspired themes for the play. The board game inspired show this year was a new change for the Drama Department.

“I loved working with all the different types of people in this play and seeing how each person would play out their roles. It was different having a lead role where I’d be on stage for the majority of the show, but it was a great experience,” Muszynski said.

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