Remembering Kobe Bryant

Mike Gregory, Sports Editor

 There are certain events that no matter how much you read about, how much you watch on television, and how much you see on social media, you still can not believe. Celebrity deaths bring a unique sense of widespread grief, and it is powerful. The death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant came as a shock to the entire world, and is something absolutely nobody saw coming or could have predicted. 

   The story became even more tragic when news broke that nine total passengers died in the horrific helicopter crash, including Bryants 13 year old daughter, Gianna. The unthinkable accident took place while the passengers were traveling to a youth basketball game, one that Gianna Bryant was supposed to play in. 

  Rather than fixating on the details of the inconceivable accident and just how tragic it is, it’s important to remember the legacy of Kobe Bryant, and what he meant to society. 

   The highlight tapes will certainly do justice to Kobe Bryant, and the legendary career he had. The clutch shots, the acrobatic dunks, and the championship wins; all things that will never be forgotten by fans of basketball. Perhaps what the world will miss most about Bryant is not who he was as a player, but the type of person he was, and the pure content of his character.

   Bryant demonstrated the traits that a true role model should possess. He had an innate ability to motivate, inspire, and uplift the spirits of people he encountered. Bryant had a clear vision for his life after basketball, and he intended on impacting as many lives as he could and using his platform to benefit others.

   Naturally, athletes are blessed with the ability to galvanize young people, and millions of young boys and girls across the world look up to professional athletes. Kobe Bryant was the epitome of what it means to be a great athlete and role model. An entire generation of fans admired him and respected who he was as a person just as much as a basketball player. 

  Saying goodbye to Kobe Bryant is something that will be hard, but if his legacy and influence on society are kept alive, the world will never truly say goodbye to Kobe Bryant. In order to preserve the legacy of Kobe Bryant, I encourage people to continue wearing his jersey, rocking his renowned sneakers, and always shouting his name before shooting a piece of garbage into the trash can.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant smile for the camera at a 2019 Los Angeles Lakers game. Bryant, a Lakers legend, attended many Lakers games with his daughter.