Come to Terms wins annual talent show with original music

Play a tune- Senior Zoe Cosentino performs an original song for the

audience at this year’s talent show. The talent show took place on November 22 in the auditorium.

Ursala Fraley

Play a tune- Senior Zoe Cosentino performs an original song for the audience at this year’s talent show. The talent show took place on November 22 in the auditorium.

Matt Arena, Social Media Manager

The 50th annual Talent Show, put on by the class of 2020 student council, took place on November 22, attracting numerous students and families to watch the twelve different acts. Students from different grades prepared hours for the show where they get to showcase their talents. 

The show, hosted by senior Matthew Adamski, raised over $1,000 for the senior class, and was attended by hundreds of people to watch. There was a diverse selection of acts, ranging from singing, dancing, noises, and a band. 

Senior Andrew Fiondella followed a couple singing acts with his very own noises and sounds, an act that his friends discovered he was very talented in. Practiced for weeks, he performed the act his friends had been desiring for months. It included farm animal sounds, transportation, and his favorite movie scenes. 

Junior Akshitha Viswanathan performed twice in the show, once a singing act herself, and a second, alongside her friend Abby Belisle, she played the piano. She has done the talent show her freshman and sophomore years, so it has become a tradition for her to perform in the show.

“The act I did by myself was a mashup between “lover” by Taylor Swift and “what a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. I chose these two songs because they have similar meanings about happiness and love. I was toying around with the songs and I noticed that they kind of sounded similar, so I decided to arrange a mashup. For my act with Abby Belisle, Vienna by Billy Joel, we decided to do the song, because we had performed it in senior cafe a while ago, and it’s such a beautiful song!”, Viswanathan said. 

Senior Sarah Scanlon performed a dancing act for the second straight year, which was followed by senior Jordan Song, who delivered a spot on take of “The Scientist” by Coldplay. 

Another fan favorite was the original song performed by senior Zoe Cosentino, who sang the lyrics to a song she wrote, and to the beat on the guitar she created. Cosentino had been known to be a performer due to countless hours spent toning her skills outside of the talent show and she delivered a performance for the audience to remember. 

The winner of the talent show was the band “Come to Terms” consisting of junior Gabe Gantkin, and seniors Kyle Wogelius, and Jaden Drozd. 

“As a band, we all decided to participate in the talent show when we first started taking our band seriously.  We wanted to get more exposure as well as get more experience in front of large crowds. We all decided collectively that music is something we all hold close to our hearts as it has changed us in unique ways, and we figured we might as well give it our own go!”, Wogelius said. 

The band required a lot of preparation, as they were able to play two songs for the final act of the night, and it required a lot of work to bring the final bang.

“We prepared a lot before the show.  We had hooked up 3 microphones to Jadens drum kit (which we had to haul from his house to the school auditorium).  Gabe our guitarist is an audio genius, so he did his magic mixing the bass, guitar and drum kit. He added tons of effects and changed the levels of each part to produce the unique sound we delivered.  On top of sound tweaks, we all were practicing non-stop before the talent show. Our song “Explicit” had never been performed before, and it was important that we nailed the form into our heads so that we wouldn’t mess up during our performance”, Wogelius said. 

There was no lack of talent at the show this year, and will be another opportunity for underclassmen to perform at the annual talent show each year.