Annual talent show promises excitement, entertainment

Hanny Wolkoff, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s annual talent show to benefit the senior class will take place on November 22, and will feature acts from all grade levels and will showcase mostly singing and dancing. Here is a preview of the students that will be performed during the show.

Freshman Olivia Bartusik

Freshman Olivia Bartusik has been singing her entire life, but only just picked up the guitar two years ago. For the talent show, she will be singing and playing guitar for “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. 

At this point I can’t imagine not coming home and being able to sing and play my own melody for the songs I love. The song I am playing for the show I have been practicing for a few weeks but I am relieved I still have time to make it even more better before the show,” Bartusik said. 

She is most excited to perform with other talented people and get to know her peers in other grades that share her love for music. 

Freshman Maddy Flagg

“Don’t Rain on My Parade”, originally sung by Barbara Streishand, is freshman Maddy Flagg’s song of choice for the upcoming talent show. She has been singing almost her entire life, and has been performing since second grade. She is most excited to sing for an audience and see their reactions because she likes having the ability to make people happy. 

Juniors Akshitha Viswanathan and Abrielle Belisle

This pair of juniors will be performing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elivis Presley. Junior Abrielle Belisle will be singing and junior Akshitha Viswanathan will be accompanying her on  the piano. 

I am most excited to face my fears by performing in front of a large group of people for an extended period of time; hopefully through doing this, I can become more comfortable and share my love of music with others,” Belisle said. 

This is Viswanathan’s third time performing in the annual talent show, and is looking forward to performing with her friend. Viswanathan will also be performing by herself and singing a mashup between “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and “Lover” by Taylor Swift. 

Junior Gabe Gantkin and seniors Kyle Wogelius and Jaden Drozd

“Come To Terms”, the band comprised of junior Gabe Gantkin on guitar, senior Kyle Wogelius on bass and senior Jaden Drozd on drums, have been together since October 2018. Up until the start of this school year, the band focused on covering bands such as RHCP, Weezer, and Nirvana. They have now transitioned into writing their own rock songs. For the talent show, the band has decided to perform two of their original rock songs. 

“Never before have we had the opportunity to play in front of so many people. Getting exposure to real live performances is a necessity for us, and it also helps that our music taste and creativity will be exposed to a variety of people.  We are curious to see what types of people our music attracts, as the diversity of our taste and theme is one of unique nature,” Wogelius said. 

Senior Mano Dakshin:

This coming talent show will be senior Mano Dakshin’s third and final year performing. This year, he will be singing “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. 

I am most excited about the fact that I get to give my solo performance with a positive spirit on stage due to my interest in music. I find the experience of performing in front of a huge audience to be very rewarding,” Dakshin said. 

Senior Sarah Scanlon:

Sarah Scanlon has been performing for about three years, and this year will be performing a cover dance for the K-pop group 7th Sense. She is hoping that through her act she will be able to bring awareness and attention to the K-pop genre of music. For her performance, she plans on bringing her cactus for good luck. 

Senior Zoe Cosentino

Senior Zoe Cosentino has been performing for 8 years, and used to religiously watch videos of her favorite bands performing at a young age. Cosentino has been producing original music for as long as she’s been playing, and her songs can be found on Spotify under her username Zoë. For the talent show, she will be performing an original song called “Mrs. Sarah-tonin”. 

“I love performing because I get to do what I love and see other people enjoy it with me,” Cosentino said.  

Senior Jordan Song

Senior Jordan Song will be performing a song that is on his regular Spotify Rotation: “Take Me To Church” by Hozier. He will be putting his own personal spin on the song, after being inspired by a recent video of Hozier singing this song in the subway. 

He is most excited to be able to admire the talent of his fellow performers and share his music with the school. 

Seniors Owen McLaughlin and Kyle Wogelius

Senior Kyle Wogelius will be playing guitar for Owen McLaughlin as he performs and interpretive dance piece for the talent show, which says will be a performance that “will pack some heat”. The dance is inspired by the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Although he is keeping most details of his performance under wraps, he is looking forward to discovering all of the hidden talent that students in the high school have to offer. 

 Senior Bella Cruz

After missing the previous three talent shows due to prior commitments, senior Bella Cruz will be singing “Someone Like You” by Adele, and junior Elisabeth Williams will be accompanying her on the piano. 

This song is a very emotional and sincere song and when I perform I like being able to sing to a song that I can connect to and being able to have these expressions that convey that emotional message to the audience,” Cruz said. 

She also sings for the choir and participates in the musicals every year. She is looking forward to having another platform to share her love of music and performing.