Kanye West goes from rap to gospel in Jesus is King

Sophia Bottalico, Staff Writer

Kanye West dropped his long awaited album JESUS IS KING on October 25, but it was different from what his fans expected.

JESUS IS KING is a display of a genre crossover between rap and gospel, which diverged from his last studio album Ye, which was strictly rap. However, many claim that it should have been anticipated to be a crossover album since West has openly voiced his religious beliefs and consistently holds his own Sunday services. West is not the first artist to do a
crossover album; Chance the Rapper is most known for his religious rap.

Though this is not the first of its kind, JESUS IS KING has gained a lot of attention on various social media platforms. Many accounts such as “rap” on Instagram followed the success of this album since its release in late October, posting updates on album sales and its status on the Billboard charts.

West is the first artist to occupy the entire top 10 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs and Hot Gospel Songs charts at the same time. The album is composed of 11 songs and runs at 27 minutes.

The religious aspect to this album was expected to turn away some of West’s fans. Though this is not his best-selling album, his large following helped this religious rap make its way onto Apple Music’s “Rap Life,” “Today’s Hit’s,” and “Top 100: Global” playlists.

Fans seem to gravitate towards the song titled “Follow God” since it is arguably the most rap and gospel integrated song on the album. “Follow God” starts with the lyrics “Father I stretch, Stretch my hands to you” which some think is alluding to his past song “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt 1.

The album is available on all streaming platforms now and remains on various top charts.