Christmas Vacation is the most classic Christmas movie to hit theaters

Cullen Laberge, Advertising Manager

As children we all remember our favorite movies to watch leading up to the holiday; Frosty the Snowman, Polar Express, Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone One, and many more. But I remember one movie especially that shaped me for getting ready for Christmas.

The movie I always watch is Christmas Vacation, a movie about every fail the Griswold family faces leading up to December 25. It features the classic comedy actor Chevy Chase as Clark Grsiwold and other notable actors, Johnny Galacki as Russel Griswold and Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold.

Christmas Vacation is part of the series of Vacation movies that are a classic series that includes European Vacation and Vegas Vacation.

This Christmas movie is definitely not the norm for classic Christmas movies; it is not meant for a family. It’s definitely meant for a teen or adult audience, but it still puts you into that Christmas spirit.

It is a twist with comedy, relatable and opposite of a Christmas miracle as it seems like everything goes wrong. From the Christmas tree destruction, the Christmas lights not working, and the in-laws causing problems, it is an imperfect Christmas. Most problems are blown out of proportion for comedy but a lot are stereotypes and relatable holiday issues with your family.

Personally my favorite part of the movie is when their cousin Eddy comes along in his family’s trailer home. Eddy is the definition of the crazy cousin he dumps his waste in the Griswold’s storm drain and never has more than a stained tank top on. But his awkward personality, and different habits makes him one of the most liked characters. He also is
quite the family man when Clark gets mistreated.

If you like a good comedy and Christmas movie to get you in the mood, Christmas Vacation is the movie for you.