Mario Kart Tour takes mobile industry by storm


Mario madness-- Mario Kart Tour, released September 25, highlights global connection, as people all over the world begin to play. The game is available to Apple and Android users.

Ricky Podgorski, Managing Editor

Nintendo’s most recent mobile release, Mario Kart Tour,has enhanced the mobile gaming industry to a brand new level. The game provides engaging graphics, an easy interface, and an element of nostalgia to people all across the world who have grown up playing Mario Kart.
The brand new mobile game is available to Apple and Android users. Upon launch of the game, I was surprised to see how simple the interface was to use. Available are four race options within each “cup.” In each race, you can choose which character, kart, and glider you would like to use.
The game is very fluid and easy to play. All players need to do is slide their finger left and right to steer their kart.
“When it comes to the interface, I think the game is pretty easy to understand and definitely one of the more user-friendly parts of the game. I had no trouble getting started with the game and understanding everything about it,” junior Will Bartholomay said.
As an avid Mario Kart player myself, seeing a mobile version of the game I grew up playing evoked a feeling of nostalgia. It has been awesome playing this game again but at the ease of my own smartphone.
As you progress throughout the game you unlock more and more characters and different race items. I enjoy the personalization options the game provides, as I can use my favorite characters and karts in a very easy way, but it has its limits.
Sadly, Nintendo’s reputation with micro-transactions continues, as they prioritize buying in game currencies to unlock all the karts and characters. To unlock all the items in the game, you need to use their in game currency “rubies” to purchase “pipes” which will give you a random item. “Rubies” are difficult to obtain in Mario Kart Tour, the easiest way is to purchase them.
Overall, Mario Kart Tour has been a success, for those looking for a reminder of their childhood, and a classic game. It provides an easy to use interface for all players.On the other hand, Nintendo has failed, yet again, to produce a free-to-play game that does not prioritize micro-transactions.