Bitlife is worth the time to play

Khrystyna Stets, Staff Writer

Since September 29, 2018, lives have been changed by the presence of a new game on the app store: Bitlife. Bitlife is a life simulator game that tasks players with controlling a stranger’s life from start to finish.

The game was developed by CandyWriter LLC and has hit the top of the Apple store, staying at the top 15 for the past six months. This game has become one of my top favorite games to play because its fun, quick, easy, and entertaining.

This game has endless possibilities, allowing you to control the bitperson’s life. One of the best aspects of the game are the four bars at the bottom of the screen that indicates a different part of the bitperson’s life: health, happiness, intelligence, and looks. Sometimes your person is born not intelligent or not with high-level looks, and you have a chance to change that through your teen years all the way up until you die. This aspect gives you the actual real world feeling that you can change what your born into and not everything is set in stone.

Throughout the game, you’ll need to manage various aspects of your life. If your happiness drops too low, you’ll become depressed. Make bad food and drug choices, your health can decline to dangerous levels. It’s just like real life, which I think is what makes this game so appealing. It’s like you’re living out your dreams in another world, like you’re James Bond 2.0 but just inside a little device that is as big as your palm and easily accessible.

The only negative about Bitlife is that from ages one through 12, your options for doing stuff are limited. Even from ages 12 through 18, there’s not too much more excitement added for teens. The developers should add more fun options or choices for those age groups to make the game more interesting and realistic than it is, choices that allow your teens to either be more rebellious or introverted or playful throughout developing years. These options would expand the game play even allowing the time span of an average person in life to live longer, which would allow players of the game to have a more fulfilled life. There are other smalls suggestions that could be included to fix or add into the game, but the developers have recently promised that some of these desires will be fulfilled with the new and upcoming updates.

Bitlife, in general, is a highly engaging game that has challenges you can overcome and ribbons as rewards, which give reasons to never be bored with the game. With constant updates and new materials coming in, why don’t you head over to the Itunes store and download Bitlife and give it a try?