High school artist creates art piece for probate court


MJ Martinez

Up and coming— Sophomore Yana Tsyvis shows her artwork to the probate court. Tsyvis is was commissioned to do this work last year.

Jess Rickis, Copy & Design Chief

On May 29, sophomore Yana Tsyvis presented her commissioned work to the probate court in Farmington.  Replicating the Farmington seal, Tsyvis created a three-dimensional, multi-layered art piece that will be hung in the probate court.

MJ Martinez
Up and coming— Sophomore Yana Tsyvis shows her artwork to the probate court. Tsyvis is was commissioned to do this work last year.

Last year, art teacher Andrew Minor was approached about asking a student who would be up to the task of creating a piece for the court. Minor approached Tsyvis first, who was ready for the challenge, and supported her throughout the process.

“I felt honored to be chosen by my teacher, Mr. Minor, to spearhead this project. I took [judge Evelyn Daly’s] idea of making a seal for the courtroom and created my own design based on the history of Farmington. I am extremely thrilled to be recognized for my artwork and artistic abilities,” Tsyvis said.

The painting, which will be hung on the wall in the Probate Court includes an acrylic painting of the Farmington River, with the railroad bridge in Windsor. On top of the painting is the Farmington seal which includes nine peaks of the churches the original “Mother Town” of Farmington was divided into. Around the border are oak leaves and roots which were molded and carved from plaster.

According to Tsyvis, she spent approximately 200 hours of work and had to learn new artistic techniques in order to accomplish the art piece. While familiar with acrylic painting, Tsyvis has never used plaster, which presented some challenges.

“I learned new mediums I’ve never worked with before. Plaster was the hardest one to learn; I had to find the right consistency, and what’s the best way to attach, mold, carve, and paint  it. I learned how to stain wood. I learned tenacity in the face of obstacles, and I expanded the set of my artistic skills,” Tsyvis said.

Her work was celebrated by an official unveiling by judge Evelyn Daly of Farmington. In attendance were several town hall officials and school administrators, including Superintendent Kathy Greider, Assistant Superintendent Kim Wynne, Board of Education Chairman Chris Fagan, Art Department Leader Julie Sawyer, Minor, and Director of Media Technology Evan Foreman.

Tsyvis had the opportunity to explain her piece to those in attendance. She also received an official citation from Daly and flowers. Afterwards, attendees had the chance to admire Tsyvis’ artwork.

“Yana has certainly made her mark on the FHS Community and now on the Town as well. She is always  willing to push herself and to take on new challenges. I hope her dedication serves as an inspiration to others,” Foreman said.