Trubia awarded with Fund for Teachers grant, plans trip to Germany


Courtesy of Fund for Teachers

World traveler— Social studies teacher Kara Trubia celebrates with her class as she is surprised with a Fund for Teachers grant. Trubia plans to use her $5,000 to travel to Germany to enrich the social studies curriculum.

Hanny Wolkoff, Managing Editor

Recently, social studies teacher Kara Trubia applied for and was awarded with a Fund for Teachers grant. This grant presents Trubia with $5,000 to travel this summer in order to enrich social studies curriculum.

Trubia plans to use the money to travel to Germany, stopping at Munich, Dachau, Nuremberg, and Berlin, in order to deepen her understanding of Nazism, the Third Reich, and the German experience during World War ll.

 “The Social Studies Department will absolutely benefit from her experience in Europe. Mrs. Trubia’s goal is to learn more about how perspective influences portrayals of history. Her firsthand experience exploring German views of their own history will allow us collectively to better teach the historical complexity and nuances of that country,” Social Studies Department Leader Nichole Richman said.

Jeffrey Sytulek

The application itself was extensive and required Trubia to write a proposal explaining numerous aspects of her trip, including budget and itinerary, among others things.

“Applicants are required to write a detailed proposal, [most importantly explaining] how the experience will impact professional learning, student learning, and the school community as a whole. I had to conduct a lot of research in order to determine my travel plans and how it could impact the curriculum that I teach. There is also work that I need to complete after my trip in order to demonstrate the impact of my experiences on my teaching,” Trubia said.

Fellow social studies teacher Emma Tuthill is looking forward to the enriched curriculum that will be a direct outcome of Trubia’s trip. She believes that Trubia is one of the most deserving teachers for this opportunity.

Mrs. Trubia spent many hours conducting research on all the places she wants to travel to along with writing specifically how it will impact students, her colleagues, and the school community as a whole. [She is dedicated] to teaching and learning. She is also truly passionate about this time period in history and teaching students about its significance not just to Germany but to all people throughout the world, then and now,” Tuthill said.

 Yet, Trubia is not the only member of her family to be embarking on a Fund for Teachers grant trip this summer.

“I feel very grateful that I was honored with this grant and had the opportunity to celebrate with my students. My sister, a biology teacher at RHAM High School, also won a grant from the same program and will be traveling to Madagascar this summer, so we are excited to share our experiences with each other,” Trubia said.