Athletes gear up for the fall season

Matthew Arena and Nate Hughes

Boys Soccer: Senior Zachary Marsh
Being the captain of such a competitive team is not an easy task; however, Senior
Zach Marsh tries to make decisions based off of what will most benefit the team.

“Each and every day I try to bring a fun [yet] serious attitude. When you spend
every day together with a group of kids, being serious all the time won’t create an
enjoyable environment or season. As a captain, I try to bring a positive attitude to the
games. People are going to mess up; however, being negative will bring them and the
team down, so I try to stay positive throughout the whole game,” Marsh said.

The soccer team hopes to make it all the way to the championship this year, led by
Marsh and the other five senior captains.

Field Hockey: Senior Samantha Ruh
Senior Sam Ruh is one of three senior captains leading the field hockey team this
season. Despite playing a new position, Ruh is thankful for the opportunity to lead
the team for her final season.

“Being captain of the varsity team has been a goal of mine since freshman year, and
it’s very fulfilling to know that my coaches and teammates believe that I can excel in
this position. It’s also great having two other captains share the same aspirations as
me for the season,” Ruh said.

Girls Soccer: Junior Ava Ferrari

As a three-year starter for the varsity girls soccer team, junior forward Ava
Ferrari has contributed to the team’s success early on in the 2018 season.

Ferrari is one of many who have stepped up as a leader on the field, some-
thing that has been noticed by fellow teammates.

“I hope to see our team continue to work well together so that we can
make it to the championship, its long overdue,” Ferrari said.
Although Ferrari is not currently considering playing soccer in college,
if a promising opportunity does arise it will be something she says she will

Football: Senior Aidan Sposato

Three year varsity member senior Aidan Sposato is one of the senior captains leading
the football team for the 2018 season. Being the captain of the football team has been a
dream he has had since the beginning.

“It is a dream I have had ever since I was little. I wanted to lead the team this year and it
feels so surreal that this dream has finally come true,” Sposato said.

Girls Volleyball: Senior Holly Picchioni

Senior Holly Picchioni is one of seven returning seniors in the girls volleyball
program and has been playing on the varsity team for two years. Picchioni looks to
reach new personal records this year as the team’s outside hitter.

“I played Husky [an Amateur Athletic Union team] during the off season to work
on my passing, but primarily my hitting. I am now at a spot where I can hit the
more consistently than last year,” Picchioni said.