Ambient musicians perform in auditorium

Bella Podgorski, Editor-In-Chief

On Tuesday, May 15, ambient musicians Markus Reuter and Robert Rich performed in the auditorium in support of the album, Lift a Feather to the Flood (2017). Audiovisual (AV) Director Evan Foreman organized this event due to his personal connection to the music. He has attended music camp with Reuter and has been a follower of Rich’s music for years.

“This was a unique opportunity to hear a free live concert by two musicians that are world-renowned and at the top of their game. It’s important to support live music in this culture,” Foreman said.

Rich describes the music performed by both Reuter and himself as “deep listening” or “instrumental electronic music.” Some Including influences from musicians such as Terry Riley, Jon Hassell, Daevid Allen, amongst many more similar artists. In addition to “Lift a Feather to the Flood,” Reuter and Rich have also collaborated in an album titled “Eleven Questions” in 2008.

They only play three concerts on the east coast, including the performance in the auditorium. Reuter flew from Berlin, and Rich flew from San Francisco solely for the east coast concerts. They look forward to experiencing a performance connection while playing.

“I hope we find a connection – we playing music and you in the audience – where the music transports us to brief moments of recognition, of awareness. The audience collaborates with us in this special way, in the act of active listening, where each of us
can feel briefly transported by sound into an energetic place,” Rich said.