The Fine Line returns

Bella Podgorski, Editor-In-Chief

The Fine Line literary magazine will be making a return and  distributed in early May. All types of creative writing are included in the magazine such as short stories, poems, fiction, non fiction, comedy sketches and more.

Writing tutor Jill Schlenker coordinated the submissions of the magazine along with freshmen Krithika Santhanam and Felicia Wang.

There had not been a running literary magazine that is published consistently in a few years. After visiting a writing center at Cheshire Academy and talking with their writing tutor, Schlenker felt bringing back the literary magazine would be beneficial to all.

“I want students and teachers to have a place where their creative writing can be published and appreciated, and where they have total freedom to express themselves,” Schlenker said.

The primary goal of The Fine Line was to have at least 50 submissions prior to publishing the magazine. However, both Wang and Santhanam hope The Fine Line also presents an opportunity for students to gain further interest in writing.

People should submit work and get involved in the future because The Fine Line is an easily accessible opportunity to publish your writing. It allows you to express yourself and have your voice heard. My personal goal is to get more people interested in writing recreationally and think of writing more as a fun way to creatively express yourself rather than a tedious task,” Wang said.

Wang, Santhanam, and Schlenker along with other students worked together to set due dates for submissions, plan contests such as the competition for student artwork to be displayed on the front cover of the magazine.

The group has also lightly edited the pieces for grammar and spelling. They look forward to The Fine Line being distributed to students and teachers and for the future of the magazine.

“The ability to have creative writing pieces written by FHS students and get them published into a book is amazing and great exposure for new writers,” Santhanam said.