Spring cleaning of space, mind

Anna Green, Media & Photography Editor

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As April gets underway and “spring fever” commences, it becomes increasingly important to take the time to clean both our space in our homes as well as the space in our minds. In our naturally fast paced society, we sometimes forget to take this time, but the onset of the spring season is the perfect opportunity.

Cleaning your home is key to starting off the new season with a fresh start. By going through all of your unnecessary clothing and other miscellaneous items, not only are you clearing out space for new things that come into your home, but you are also producing a more productive work space.

This can be very effective as it ensures that your space at home is being used for only the things that are important. Also, by creating a productive workspace you are bound to do more work and on a more timely manner.

Further, it is crucial to take the spring season to clear your mind of whatever is dragging you down. Whether it be stressors from school, friends, or family, the spring season is a great chance to let go.

By taking a break from your stressors, you are in a sense, starting new. It is healthy to start over every once in a while and relieve your body and mind from untangleable obstacles.

During the wintertime its common to get caught up in life and forget to take a chance to slow down and appreciate where you are and what’s going on. Take time during the spring to appreciate the warmer weather and reflect on what you are grateful for.