Champions League kicks off

Ethan Blumes, Staff Writer

Champions League starts once again with the top 16 teams in Europe fighting to hold the trophy. With the round of 16 beginning on February 13, soccer fans will be rooting for their respective teams.
This competition has been going on for over 60 years and never seems to draw a small crowd. The two best teams of each year have millions of fans across the world watch one game for 90 minutes. Students at the high school have been debating over which squad will end victorious in the tournament.
“Real Madrid is going to win it all because they have a strong team with strong players and are always ready to compete. They have won the two previous Champions Leagues making them most
likely to win again,” junior Zack Marsh said.
Returning champion Real Madrid have the most wins of this tournament by winning the tournament 11 times in the club’s history.
Students at the high school have become very passionate about the game of soccer and have devoted time after school to watching and cheering on their teams.
“Chelsea stands a great chance at beating Barcelona, who is currently one of the best teams in the world. Out of the eight times [Chelsea and Barcelona] came against each other, Barcelona only beat [Chelsea] once,” freshman Axl Blumes said.
Junior Nico Machado watches every game of the tournament because of his interest and passion for the sport.
“It means the world. When the anthem plays and the games are intense, it’s amazing to watch and the
atmosphere is crazy. There’s nothing like watching a close champions league match,” Machado said.
After Manchester City was knocked out at the round of 16 last year, junior Kevin Gabree hopes that the team will put up a different result this year.
“Watching Manchester City in the champions league has been a dream for me because they are my favorite team, and I hope they win the whole competition with De Bruyne and Agüero in top form,” Gabree said.
The league has currently entered its “knockout” phase, with the 16 teams being whittled down to an
eventual two championship contenders. The final match will take place on May 26 in Kiev, Ukraine.