Captains Teixeira, Sytulek lead boys basketball to success

Ayub Lahiani, Staff Writer

With Coach Duane Witter at the helm, the boys basketball team, led by senior co-captains Jake Sytulek and Nick Teixeira, have fought their way to a 8-6 record as of January 31. The team has won three close games, and Witter believes the team will need to be able to keep demonstrating character as the season moves forward.
“We made plays late in each of those games [and] we anticipate many more close games this season. We will need to continue to demonstrate great character late if we wish to win those games,” Witter said.
Teixeira transitioned into the position of team captain for the 2017-18 season, and he believes that communication is one of the skills that he found most essential in leading the team.
“One of the biggest changes I’ve had was becoming a better communicator. This was essential for this year because communication has been a very big part in prior years and I wanted to make sure I con-
tinued with this. It helps with our play on the court but it also helps us become a better team and more
like a family,” Teixeira said.
The upperclassmen-heavy team has six seniors, and four juniors with over 10 years of varsity expe-
rience. However, the team also expects underclassmen contributions from the three sophomores and two freshmen.
Freshmen Jacob Smith and Bube Momah will be key parts of the team’s future in the coming years. Momah suffered a slight fracture to his hip in Farmington’s game against Avon. Momah hopes to be back for the playoffs, but if not, he will be ready and fully recovered for next season.
Young talent has helped in the success of the team. Sophomore Grayson Herr scored the game winner
in the 2017 Winter Charity Cup against Newington, ending the game with a final score of 46-45. Herr believes the team has what it takes to go all the way, and he hopes to end the season at Mohegan Sun
with a win in the championship game.
“[I will] do anything I can to help get to a state championship. Whether it’s make shots, distribute
the ball, or play good defense, my ultimate goal is to play at Mohegan,” Herr said.