Lack of school spirit arises

Jess Rickis, Staff Writer

Almost every student comes into high school expecting it to be filled with lots of school spirit including pep rallies and full crowded assemblies. This brings the excitement for the events following such as the homecoming dance or sports events. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of students are lacking school spirit, something I believe needs to change.

Being in the high school for the past three years, I’ve hoped to have experienced more school spirit, but it seemed to me that the students were more caught up with their packed schedules and ongoing school work. Students put so much of their focus on the dread of going to classes instead of focusing on the fun of school activities that could potentially alleviate the stress.

During the week leading up to Halloween, the school hosts a spirit week along with a day specific to each of the Connect groups. In my freshman year, I remember being very swept up with it because I was excited by the school spirit, but the majority of people didn’t seem to care. To me, this is something that needs to be fixed in order for the school spirit to stay alive.

It is true that school sports are pretty crazy when it comes to the student section, which is better known as by “The Tribe.” For example, at soccer games, students arrive and stand in a group and call chants, thus bringing excitement to the players and spectators. This shows school spirit, but only if people participate, which is the fun part of the games.

Attendance is a major factor to the type of spirit that is brought into things like sports games. The less people in attendance, the less spirit that there actually is.

I fondly remember the pep rally this year. I, for one, enjoy going to these sort of events hosted by the school because I am a fan of getting into the spirit. But as I walked around the school that day, I heard people saying they weren’t going or were leaving early to get out of it. This type of action keeps our school from progressing towards a higher level of school spirit.

All in all, school spirit allows students to get involved in their school community as well as make it a more enjoyable environment. Incorporating more spirit can bring us all together and keep us united, which is what we should work towards.