New classes further develop students skills

Hanny Wolkoff

  With the new school year underway, select students have chosen to participate in the three new classes being offered for the 2017-18 school year. Here’s a brief overview of the new classes that students were able to sign up for.

Fashion Design II Honors-

  Although a prerequisite in Fashion Design I is required, Fashion Design II is a class for those who are interested in further developing the skills and knowledge acquired in Fashion Design I. This course will test designers limits and push students to create large-scale projects.

  “I have aspirations to work in the fashion industry, and because of this fashion design is a perfect way for me to gain more knowledge in this competitive field. With Fashion Design II, I am hoping to practice more of my skills that I have with fashion and sewing, and hopefully learn a little bit more about creating textiles to make my garments more professional,” sophomore Sofia Podgorski said.

Film Photo II Honors-

  Similar to Fashion Design II, FIlm Photo II Honors requires a prerequisite in Film Photo I in order to participate in this semester long course. Although a studio fee of $25 is necessary, the money goes towards materials that are needed for the class.

  “[This course] is delving further into learning more about film photography. We’ll do more with working with lighting, advanced darkroom techniques, and larger printing techniques. It gives students the chance to refine the skills learned in Film Photography I,” Film Photo teacher Julie French said.

Latin IV

  Latin IV is available for students who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of the Latin language. Authentic Latin written 2,000 years ago is a part of the curriculum, as well as a focus on the Roman values, their punishments and and the limits of their political ambition.

  “ Latin IV is the highest level offered at FHS, and completing it shows that a student is prepared for college-level Latin classes.  It’s a challenging experience that builds upon all Latin skills, and it’s a great way to demonstrate your academic abilities to college,” Latin teacher Drew Warchut said.