Counseling Department hosts annual college fair

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Counseling Department hosts annual college fair

Patrick Arnold

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  The Counseling Department hosted the annual college fair for juniors and seniors looking to find out more information on post secondary schooling on October 18. This year around 120 schools attended.

  “We want to introduce students to schools they haven’t considered and connect them with schools they are already interested in so they can demonstrate their interest and learn more about the school and their application process,” Counseling Department Leader Brooke Stanziale said.

  Schools who attended the fair include The University of Notre Dame, Bryant University, Providence College, and Trinity College to name a few, along with the two most popular colleges that seniors apply to: Central Connecticut State University and University of Connecticut (UConn).

  “This event was very beneficial [for me], I was able to ask questions, meet representatives, and find out more about the campus life of the schools I am applying to,” senior Shermeen Khan said.

  In most cases, representatives that work directly at the institution come to provide information about their school, but in some cases, regional representatives are sent in place of an official employee of the school.

  “There’s a lot of energy. It’s clear that all of you folks have done a lot of homework; you’ve already thought about the different types of schools that could be a good fit for you. In the fair environment, I focus on being as helpful as possible so that you can decide if it’s the right fit for you,” UConn college admissions representative Caroline McCall said.

  Juniors and seniors were advised to look presentable and come in with questions for the reps in order to showcase themselves as a promising, prospective students. There was also comment and question cards that a number of schools had for students to demonstrate their interest in the school, something that has become increasingly important in the college application process according to school counselor Chris Loomis.

  “I think the [Counseling Department] does a great job in getting a bunch of different schools that kids are interested in to come to the fair. If it’s like this every year then that’s pretty good,” junior Max Russo said.