Presentation introduces acoustical engineering as career choice

Chloe Green, Staff Writer

Students attended an Acoustical Engineering Presentation on October 25, by University of Hartford’s Acoustical Engineering Department Chair Robert Celmer. It took place in room 180, at 3:15 p.m.

Listen Closely– Students listen to University of Hartford’s Acoustical Engineering department chair Dr. Robert Celmer present. Students attended this presentation on October 25 after school.

The purpose of this presentation was to bring professionals into the school to inform the students about the careers involving engineering and music, and Dr. Celmer’s program for Acoustical Engineering. Additionally Celmer invited students to visit his specialized facility at the University of Hartford.

University of Hartford is one of the only schools that has undergraduate programs for Acoustical Engineering in the country. Which is why this specific school was chosen to take a part in this presentation.

  “[The University of Hartford] has one of the only undergraduate programs in Acoustical Engineering in the country.  Most of these degrees only offered in graduate school programs,” Music Department Chair Leslie Imse said.

 Students who attended this event were mainly interested in music, engineering, or both and were not aware that there is an opportunity for them to pursue both careers.  

 “There is a lot of overlap with robotics and music which is why we give students who are interested with both the opportunity to see a field where they can fulfill both of their passions,” math teacher Michele Hall said.

 Watching the presentation gave students a full glance of how it is possible to be involved in both music and engineering.  As well as allowing them to further understand how music and engineering are incorporated into the real world.

“Providing students opportunities to explore career paths in disciplines where they excel is important. Celmer will discuss the exciting job opportunities that this major offers internationally.  This program has a 100% job placement program with major corporations across the nation,” Imse said.

During the presentation students all gathered in the band room and listened to Celmer explain about Acoustical Engineering and the basics of the course at University of Hartford. At the end of the event there was a question and answer section where students were allowed to ask any questions they had about this topic to Celmer. Junior Lehan Nguyen, who plans to pursue a career in Civil Engineering, believed the presentation taught her more about specifics in engineering.

“I obtained a better understanding of the specific majors and jobs under engineering as engineering, as well as music, is an incredibly broad subject. I also learned about how these two quite different subjects, music and engineering, can co-exist in one area which has a surprising amount of uses in today’s society,” junior Lehan Nguyen said.