Class of 2021 selects student council members


MJ Martinez

The votes are in– (Left to right) Freshmen Secretary Saathvika Diviti, Vice President Olivia Giuffria, Treasurer Alyssa Tim and President Ricky Podgorski are elected for 2021 Student Council. The four gave speeches live on the 9:05 News on September 15 and were elected later that day. Social Studies teacher Patrick Mulcahy and English teacher MJ Martinez will serve as the Class of 2021 class advisors.

Chris DiLullo, Managing Editor

On September 15, the class of 2021 voted to elect their student council for the 2017-2018 school year, electing Ricky Podgorski as president and Olivia Giuffria as vice president among other representatives. English teacher MJ Martinez and social studies teacher Patrick Mulcahy will serve as the class advisors until graduation in 2021.

“I am excited to start taking on tasks and responsibilities as vice president. Although it may be challenging at times, I’m looking forward to working with the freshman class to share their ideas and to help solve important issues,” Giuffria said.

Candidates gave their speeches to the freshman class after the 9:05 News in Connect. All candidates besides delegates gave speeches, which freshman Timmy Arnold thought helped the freshmen make their decision. He believes that the speeches showcased the candidates’ skills they have developed, their characteristics and their areas of success.

Podgorski already has plans for how to approach the class’ freshman year. According to Podgorski, the class is going to make an attempt to familiarize and unite students with each other.

“I would really just like to have students at FHS be comfortable working with each other. Some students are not comfortable working with students because they have not bonded with every single person in the school district, so I would like to try to implement a strategy where each student is friendly with their classmates,” Podgorski said.

The freshman class will have several focal points this year, including their homecoming hallway according to Mulcahy. Mulcahy also has several long-term goals for the council.

“I would like to have this class be remembered as one of the most giving classes in school history. By this I mean that I hope to see the class truly commit to charitable action for causes they believe in. Secondly, I would like the class to have the reputation as being a ‘culture-changer’ here at FHS. While our school culture here at FHS is good in many respects, it is not perfect, and I hope that the class of 2021 can continue the mission of promoting positive interactions between peers across the grades,” he said.