Music joins generations

Kita Karna, Photography Editor

Music Department volunteers performed for senior citizens during the annual Senior Cafe event in the cafeteria on October 21. Senior Cafe was made possible by collaboration of Department of  Social Services, the Senior Center of Farmington, and the Farmington Friends of Music.

The purpose of the event is to build student character and creativity through community service, parent empowerment, and collaboration between community organizations, according to Music Department Chair Leslie Imse.

“The mission of the music department includes developing citizenry in our students by encouraging them to share their talents with others. This event is unique as it combines community service and musical talent with the help of parents and the community,” Imse said.

The Senior Cafe was an opportunity for senior citizens to go out for a night, get a free meal and listen music. The Farmington Friends of Music, an organization of community members who promote music in the district, donated the food and assembled the meals at the date of the event.  Student waiters took orders and served the food to each table.

“I was anticipating seeing the younger generation perform. It [went] very well,” senior citizen Evelyn Cayer said.

Prior to performing, students chose a music piece that was appropriate for the event. The program began with a chamber group performing a string quartet by composer Alexander Borodin. There were also musical ensembles, student groups and individuals performing a variety of music from renaissance pieces, sea chanteys, Christmas Carols, Beatles’ songs, Frank Sinatra and more.

Towards the end of the performances, senior citizens were invited to join in on a sing-a-long which contributed to building community.

“[Senior Cafe] has a strong emotional impact. I love making connections with senior citizens, and I know music makes them happy. It has inspired me to use my passions to either help others or just simply make them happy,” senior Catherine MacKay said.

Throughout the event, students conversed with the senior citizens, sharing ideas and music.

“It gives people like me, I’m 90 years old now, a chance to get closer to [students],” senior citizen George Kerr said.

According to MacKay, Senior Cafe has built an abundant set of skills such as resourcefulness, collaboration and independence.

“[Senior Cafe] is a day full of a variety of performances, great food, and great talent. It gives students a chance to perform with small ensembles as well as show off their own acts with their sense of individuality,” junior Sasha Goldblatt said.