Seniors celebrate last prom



Dancing the night away– Seniors Sarah Wolkoff and Michael Popolizio dance together after being crowned Prom King and Queen. Seniors celebrated prom at the Hartford Marriott.

Amanda Roth, Copy & Design Chief

The senior class of 2016 celebrated its prom at the Hartford Marriott Downtown on April 30. This event was the first to be held at the Marriott after transitioning from the usual venue at the Aqua Turf.

“Although it wasn’t the expected venue, I think that it definitely still held up to expectations. The food, music, dance floor and overall ballroom were amazing and all together made for a great night,” senior Pranally Desai said.

As students and dates arrived, all were tested by breathalyzers which were operated by volunteer administrators and staff members. After passing the safety test posed by the breathalyzers, students were able to mingle, snack and utilize the photo booth before the doors to the ballroom opened at 7:30 p.m.

Students were invited to sit down at the tables in which they were assigned to, while hotel staff members checked dinner orders. As this was happening, students had a source of entertainment in the game that the DJ hosted. He invited one or more students from each table to come up to the main dance floor and play an altered game of musical chairs.

“He had us come up to the front of the room, our chairs in tow and line up. Then he started calling out random objects for us to find, grab and come running back with before anyone else. He asked for toilet paper from the bathroom, 100 dollar bills, shoelaces and socks. Each round, the person that got back last was out of the game. I made it pretty far but it’s unsurprisingly hard to run in a gown,” senior and game participant Shannon Connolly said.

The game ended when senior Meghan Rigney found and brought the tallest person at the prom, senior Caleb Juers, up to the front of the room and took the 2016 title. Once it was over, dinner was served which consisted of a choice between beef, chicken or a vegetarian pasta dish.

Afterwards, dancing began with the Cupid Shuffle. The girls kicked off their shoes; the guys loosened their ties and rushed the dance floor to take part. Following the first song, the rest were a mixture of group dances, slow songs and remixes.

Senior Gaby Hernandez-Paese was one of the students that fully utilized the music and dance floor.

“I’ve been to eight proms during high school, and I can honestly say that our senior prom was my favorite one. I don’t know if it was the different venue but I definitely felt like everyone was making the best of the night. The DJ was actually good, and the scavenger hunt was so funny. I dance all night at every prom, but I danced so much at our prom that I actually ripped my pants. It was a great night for sure,” Hernandez-Paese said.

Towards the end of the night, the coveted titles of Prom King and Queen were announced, and the duo shared a special dance. This year, seniors Sarah Wolkoff and Michael Popolizio were given the crowns.

“I was obviously excited to be nominated in the first place because let’s be honest, every girl wants to be a princess when they were younger. Even knowing ahead of time, I was really happy being announced Prom Queen in front of my peers. Even though I hate being the center of attention and I’m not a very good dancer, I couldn’t wait to share that moment with my boyfriend,” Wolkoff said.

The senior prom is one of the monumental markers of the years end and is one of the seniors’ final celebrations before moving on.

“I was so honored to have been asked to chaperone and would chaperone any and all proms moving forward. I love seeing my students dressed up and feeling their best. I hope that all students had as much fun attending as I did chaperoning. I wish the Senior Class of 2016 more joy as they continue on in pursuit of their passions,” biology teacher and prom chaperone Tiffany Scharpf said.