Capstone changes face of chargers

Evan Hughes, Staff Writer

Students in the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) program have been collaborating in creating a product for consumers. After creating their own designs and plans for a product in the first semester, the Cábelt was chosen to be the students’ focus for the upcoming Expo Fest 2016.

According to the original creator senior Juan Russo, the mission of Cábelt is to provide a product for consumers that does not betray aesthetics for accessibility through a fashionable belt that also charges a mobile device.

“I knew that most people want a good and easy way to charge their phones, but most methods of doing so are ugly like a boxy phone case or an annoying-to-carry external battery. This product combines fashion and convenience,” Russo said.

On May 14, the students will be attending the expo at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford to pitch their idea along with other Connecticut high schools. Going to the expo will serve as a culmination for all the work students have put towards the product.

“Seniors Juan Russo and Kyle Winalski will give a three minute pitch presentation, along with answering questions from students and educators afterwards. Other students will be giving 30 second presentations to those walking around asking questions at our booth,” business teacher Maria Giarratana said.

Presenting the company that was born from Russo’s idea will be a test of student confidence, while incorporating both their entrepreneurship and public speaking skills which is a vital conclusion to the experiential learning in this course.

“I was looking forward to doing this class for experiential learning in the Entrepreneurship field. Putting forth such contribution towards the class has taught me that hard work and trying to involve yourself as much as possible is the key to success in entrepreneurship,” Russo said.

Students have the business plan and website ready in their final drafts, along with plans to make a prototype with multiple departments in the company to prepare for the pitch presentation at the expo. And they are already working to promote the product to others around the school.

“[At the Expo, I want to] gain the real life experience of introducing a business along with seeing all of the other products schools from around the state have created,” senior Audra Rocco said.

You can follow them for further information and updates on the Cábelt design on Instagram: fhscabelt and on Twitter: FHS_Cabelt.