Spring trends hit the hallways


Amanda Roth

Loving the leather-- Senior Issy Vertefeuille dresses in a leather jacket, striped shirt and denim jeans. Denim is one style making an appearance this spring.

Bella Podgorski, Photography Editor

As the weather starts to get warmer, students begin to refresh their wardrobe for the upcoming spring season. Spring is the time to have fun with outfit choices by adding brighter colors and patterns that were suppressed during the winter.

“Spring fashion is one of the more interesting season because of the patterns and prints are more visually appealing. The aesthetics are much vibrant as opposed to winter aesthetics which are more muted,” Fashion club president senior Cara Galske said.

According to Galske, patterns come to the forefront, where fashionistas mix and match pat-

terns. Popular patterns this season are boho-based and floral prints. However, stripes are a traditional go-to nautical, preppy look.

Another fashion trend that has recently been more apparent is denim. Not only is denim a popular fabric to wear on your lower half, but is now commonly seen in the form of a dress, vest, or the recurring overall trend.

“Denim makes the most simplest outfits more fashionable and unique,” junior Margaret Costello said.”

Lightening up your clothing is also key. A prominent color this season is light pink but many brands are also including pops of yellow.

Spring weather is inconsistent so layering your clothing is a simple solution. Light jackets are definitely one way to go, anything from a basic leather jacket to a cozy pullover sweater. For a more dressed up look, a blazer will do the trick.

“I don’t mind wearing a pair of shorts with a long sleeve shirt, a lighter sweater or a sweatshirt. I’ll either wear flats or sandals in the spring. My one rule though is once warm weather hits, it’s time to put the boots away,” chemistry teacher Kalyn Johnson said.

Galske added how edgy clothing can be found in fashion-forward stores such as Zara. However, trends that appear in these stores, according to Galske, were seen in Europe the previous year. Most fashion companies in the United States are influenced by European fashion. Zara is one European company that Galske often looks to for her own fashion inspiration.

“They create the trends, and we adapt them,” Galske said.

Having fun with your wardrobe is imperative, along with feeling confident and comfortable in your outfit decisions. Spring fashion is the time to take chances.