Student rounds benefit education

Staff Editorial

 It seems as though student opinions and perspectives are not always heard. Now armed with the ability to incorporate students into instructional rounds, these rounds become beneficial for both faculty and students as multiple perspectives are seen and evaluated.

  Student perspective is one of the ways that classroom environments can be adjusted to fit student needs. Students make up the largest population at the high school and without them, it is nearly impossible to see what works best to boost student learning.

     If there was no change in who was evaluating classroom environments and it continued to be teachers conducting it, there wouldn’t be as much value to the feedback because they experience the teaching in a classroom on a day to day basis. Students on the other hand do not get that experience and having the chance to see it and evaluate it makes the learning more engaging as well as allows the teacher to adjust the ways that they are teaching to make it the as effective as possible.

  With new student access to this type of feedback to their teachers, some of them still feel unheard and are unable to fully convey their thoughts and ideas. Although this may be the case in certain areas, the ability to even convey a point of view on different topics gives students an enhanced freedom.

  These students that join in on these rounds present their perspective on what they have seen and the ideas they present are taken into consideration in order for the classroom environment to wholistically improve. Overall, this benefits everyone because teachers get to see things in ways they wouldn’t normally think about and students can see the struggles that teachers go through on a day to day basis.

  Without the incorporation of students in instructional rounds, the student voice would be even more depleted and may not seem as significant. Now, voices are able to be heard and articulated using those ideas, and are able to fix different areas of weakness throughout the school.

  Overall, incorporating students in instructional rounds benefits both students and teachers and allows the establishment of a better environment throughout the high school.