Mendoza lifts strength and conditioning program


Sean Dunleavy

Strength and conditioning coach Jay Mendoza spots junior Ryan Witter as he lifts. Mendoza was hired this year to support the sports teams.

Sean Dunleavy, Sports Editor

Last spring, the athletic department hired new strength and conditioning coach Jay Mendoza to improve the school’s fitness program and sports teams.

Mendoza was an intern at Central Connecticut State University for eight months before he applied for the job. He was hired by head football coach Chris Machol and Athletic Director Jack Phelan.

“We hired him because Coach Phelan and I felt strongly that all teams in the school would benefit from a qualified strength coach. However, many coaches either do not have the time or the expertise to do so. Also strength training should have a common thread for all athletes whether they are in season or out, and having one voice coordinating them is crucial,” Machol said.

Mendoza graduated from Temple University in May 2014 with his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Science, which is when he officially became a strength coach. However, he has been interning and training sports teams since 2011 while he pursued his degree.

“I became a strength coach because I wanted to build better athletes. I wanted to teach them how to lift safely and effectively. We are all made up of the same molecules; therefore, we all have the potential to grow and get stronger. I hope to help athletes achieve their potential and succeed,” Mendoza said.

Mendoza has already had a great impact on many athletes in the school. Senior football player Wesley Cheng has been the beneficiary of these workouts.

“I think of Mendoza as a very intense and dedicated coach. He can be very strict at times but that is what is needed to build discipline in athletes,” Cheng said.

Mendoza wanted to begin his career at the high school level in order to teach young athletes proper technique and to lay a solid foundation for them.

Mendoza said, “I can honestly say that I am enjoying every aspect of this job. I knew after I graduated that I wanted to start my career at the high school level. I believe that it is very important to create good habits early.”