Cast of You Can’t Take It with You prepares for opening night


Jocelyn Bohlman

Lights, Camera, Action-- The case of You Can't Take it With You practices one week before opening night.

Jocelyn Bohlman, Opinions Editor

Much excitement has been stirring within the school over this year’s annual play, You Can’t Take It with You, directed by English teacher Kathleen Buckley and Assistant Director English teacher Vanessa Clarke-Bligh.

The storyline follows a couple, Alice (played by Ashley Grady) and Tony (played by Michael Prunk), who are looking to conform their families before their marriage. The only problem is that there is a great contrast between Alice’s insanely dysfunctional family and Tony’s conservative family, causing a hilarious clash and chaos to occur.

Everyone involved in the play have been prepping for multiple weeks for the performance. Along with Buckley and Clarke, the head of Audio Visual (AV) Evan Foreman and his AV students have been working hard to make the play a success by preparing the sound and lighting and welcoming former graduate of the class of 2015 and AV member Ethan Sepa back to contribute.

Not only have AV been assisting but art teacher Andrew Minor designed the set while comprehensive technology and construction industries teacher Richard Mulcunry and his students made Minor’s image of the play possible and built the set. Minor’s art club students also have been the scenic painters.

The backstage crew, led by senior stage manager Heather Kirkness, and the cast have also put forth a huge effort in making this year’s production possible. Alongside schoolwork, they have been either hard at work memorizing lines or organizing matters backstage.

“I’m very proud of this cast. They stepped up to learn their lines and take on challenging roles. Watching my students take ownership of their roles in the production is a rewarding experience,” Buckley said.

Junior Catherine MacKay, the student director of this year’s play and member of the cast, also voiced praise for all of the work she and her peers put into You Can’t Take It with You.

“I’m really, really excited for everyone to see how the show will come together. We have a lot of talent in this cast and everyone has worked so hard. I know it’s going to pay off,” MacKay said.

Not only are the the cast and contributors of the play excited but many students are also thrilled about the new production, like senior Aidan Whitlock, who attends the plays annually.

“I love watching the plays because it is fun to watch. My friends take on characters that are different from the people I know,” Whitlock said.