13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s modern masterpiece

13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s modern masterpiece

Amanda Roth

Chris DiLullo, Sports Editor

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13 Reasons Why is the newest original Netflix series, executively produced by Selena Gomez and starring Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette. Released on March 31, the 13-episode series has received publicity within the community at the high school and the world of popular culture globally.

Based on a novel by Jay Asher, the series follows Minnette’s Clay Jensen who receives a package with 13 tapes detailing why his love Hannah Baker, played by Langford, committed suicide. Clay, episode by episode, listens to the tapes as his life around him unravels as he copes with Hannah’s death.

The show is, in my opinion, flawless. Starting with the performances, Minnette and Langford are the heart and soul of this piece. Both are going to be huge stars, with Minnette delivering a tortured performance that is heart-breaking while Langford’s performance captures your emotions and makes you understand the sadness and emptiness that Hannah Baker did.

Supporting characters give fantastic performances as well, with Christian Navarro giving the best out of the supporting performances as Clay’s friend Tony. All the characters are successfully conveyed as hurt and layered individuals, and I was able to understand each character well and understand their hurt and pain. The show relies on our ability to connect as humans, as it is within our nature, and ties each character and episode together with this pain. If we weren’t able to emote and connect as such, the show would not be nearly as successful and perfect as it is.

The show is expertly directed and put to screen as well. The scenes are well-directed, conveyed with palpable emotion and depth. Having executive producer Tom McCarthy, the Oscar-winner behind 2015’s Best Picture Spotlight, clearly has benefits for the series, with his guidance behind the show evident. However, with Emmy-nominated cinematographer Ivan Strasburg, director Kyle Patrick Alvarez and Blue Valentine cinematographer Andrij Parekh also on the team, it’s not very surprising that the episodes not directed by McCarthy are just as good.

Overall, the show is nearly flawless. Perfect characters, acting, direction, a great electronic soundtrack and writing that is as good as it gets, combined together, make this show not only bound to be one of the best of 2017 but an all-time classic. 20 years from now, we will still be talking about 13 Reasons Why, and once you watch it for yourself, you’ll understand why.

It’s not easy to watch the show, and it’s not fun either. Not everyone can handle watching it, for it is graphic and deals with very real and difficult topics. However, if you can emotionally and mentally handle the show, I implore you to do so. 13 Reasons Why has changed me, and I think it’ll do the same for you.