North Carolina ‘bathroom bill’ is backwards step for human rights

Katelyn Green, Staff Writer

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Controversy has been stirring over the recent bill passed by the North Carolina state government which prohibits individuals from using the bathroom coinciding with what they identify with but rather what is printed on their birth certificates.

People should be allowed to pee where they would like to if they identify as transgender. Allegations have been made against trans individuals saying that they’ve been assaulted by people taking advantage of using the bathroom that may not coincide with their birth gender.

However, transgender people still face the constant threat of harassment from people who fail to understand the difficult process of coming out and being able to self-actualize and be confident as who they really are.

The so-called bathroom debate is much larger than worrying for your daughter’s safety going to the ladies room. Transgender people are searching for equality in the face of oppression, not to break the law. That’s why North Carolina’s HB2 bill is such a backwards step in the fight for LGBTQ equality.

It’s sad that during this age, we still see laws being passed that restrict the rights of people.

We should be more conscious and not forget what laws of that nature have done for the United States and the world in the past.

Learning from history is key, and history has told us time and time again that when we take the rights of people away, we move backwards.

In order to move to a more peaceful, accepting world, we have to set precedents. The HB2 bill is an example of a time when people should stand up and realize that we can no longer violate people’s rights in this way.

Many people fear that without some sort of bathroom restriction, women and children will be at risk. This is similar to the 1950’s, when many white women feared the safety of non-segregated restrooms. The panic that ensued leg to the continuation of minorities being disenfranchised because of who they are. Once again, Southern governments have targeted a minority group to divert attention away from their own ongoing political problems.

And although the  transgender community is a very small one, the outcry of support over this issue has been enormous. Social media sites quickly blew up with hashtags and images of people entering the bathroom that corresponded with their gender identity. Many corporations such as Paypal have canceled expansion plans into North Carolina in protest.

History shows that the voice of many outweighs the sound of the few. In this case, the majority stands with the transgender community to repeal the HB2 bill.