Senior Jameson Canny fittingly named seniors’ most artistic


Courtesy of Jameson Canny

A true creator– Senior Jameson Canny shows off his quarantine work. During quarantine, Canny used a piece of wood as his homework and drawing desk, which he covered with various doodles.

Hollis Tharpe , Managing Editor

Each year, the senior class votes on superlative awards to recognize talented members of their class. These awards include Most likely to be successful, most likely to write a book, class clown and several more. Each award has one or more winners for both boys and girls. One of these awards is for the most artistic students. This year’s male winner was senior Jameson Canny.

Canny is both an artist and filmmaker and has been creating content for nearly all his life. His favorite art styles include cartoons and doodles, particularly on index cards. In addition, Canny has created YouTube videos for his channel, Jojo’s Films, for four years.

Although Canny has made videos and art pieces for several years, he started taking a more serious approach in the past few years, more specifically, his junior year of high school.

“During junior year and the quarantine, I used a big piece of wood as my drawing…homework desk. I would constantly doodle on it and eventually decided to fill the whole thing in. Both sides are almost completely covered in doodles. It took a long time, and there’s a lot of little details, and I’m honestly proud of it,” Canny said.

I’m honestly proud of it,” Canny said.

Canny has also been an active participant in the high school’s Audio/Visual (AV) program, and has used his experiences to fuel his creativity. According to Canny, his favorite artistic memories consist of his time spent drawing at school, during study halls, and in the AV room.

Canny has had success both on YouTube and in his documentary creation. Canny received the award for his documentary project during the eighth grade project Paideia.

In the future, Canny would like to start creating animated short films, including some that will feature some of his recurring characters.

Canny is open to experimenting with new art styles and likes to convey meaning in the pieces he creates. He believes that art is important to all people, and given that art comes in many forms, encourages others to create something that’s meaningful to them.

“I want to start making comics with my characters about philosophy. I want to start making animated shorts. I want to make some murals, and I want to continue to try new art mediums. Creating art is the most important thing you can do, so you should do it,” Canny said.