Student council advisers share memories of class mentorship

Sydney Bigelow, Opinions Editor

Executive Council adviser Chris Loomis

Favorite memory/part of Student Council 

“Homecoming Hallways are something I always, always love. I remember my favorite hallway that the Class of 2013 did when I was Class Advisor, and the theme the Class of 2013 picked was the show Survivor.”

Fun fact about yourself

“I’ve coached over six different teams either for FHS or my two children: baseball, basketball, LEGO League, soccer, tennis, and track and field.”

Class of 2021 advisers MJ Martinez and Patrick Mulcahy

Favorite memory/part of Student Council 

Mulcahy: “My favorite part of working with student council is getting to know the student leaders themselves and watching them grow over the course of a single year or set of years. Don’t get me wrong, I, more than most, love getting hyped up about hallways, fundraisers, and other plans, but really, just spending time with students who want to better the school is the most rewarding part of advising.”

Martinez: “My favorite part of Student Council is getting to spend time with a small group of leaders for four years. Some of the council members I have met as freshmen, and it has been such a pleasure to see them grow as students, leaders, and as people. The amount of time and energy they are willing to give back to the school is inspiring; it makes me constantly question what more I could be doing for others.”

Fun fact about yourself

Mulcahy: “I have been kissed on the lips by a giraffe.”

Martinez: “My absolute favorite food is a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Class of 2022 advisers James Dinnan & Kaitlin McIntyre

Favorite memory/part of Student Council 

Dinnan: “I love working with the students. They care about their classmates and bring a huge amount of energy to the work.”

McIntyre:“My favorite part about working with the junior class student council is the opportunity to collaborate with brilliantly creative people.”

Fun fact about yourself

Dinnan: “I recently tested into an advanced class for learning German Longsword fencing.”

McIntyre: “I love nachos. If they weren’t so unhealthy, I’d eat them every day.”

Class of 2023 advisers Shannon Webster & Louise Carrozza

Favorite memory/part of Student Council 

Carrozza: “I love getting to know new students whom I don’t have in music class. And for those of my students who are also on council, it’s great to spend even more time with them and get to know them in a different capacity.”

Webster:“My favorite memory of student council so far is setting up the Halloween hallways.”

Fun fact about yourself

Carrozza: “I used to study karate when I was growing up. I have a first degree black belt in Kenpo, so watch out.”

Webster: “I lived in Japan for three years as a teenager.”

Class of 2024 advisers Abe Gelb, Sadie Robinson, & Clarissa Tan

Favorite memory/part of Student Council 

Gelb: “Student council has been a unique place this year that allows people to get together. The hallway decorating was a great example of this. While remaining socially distant, we managed to get a group of people together for a singular cause.”

Robinson: “So far, the best part was getting to do the Halloween hallways. I know, I know, this is everyone’s favorite, but this was my first year doing it.”

Tan: “Advising the Class of 2024 has been such an incredible opportunity for me to see young people work with drive and purpose. I am so impressed by the level of initiative, collaboration, coordination, and creativity our freshmen have already demonstrated this year.”

Fun fact about yourself

Gelb: “I grow and eat some of the world’s hottest peppers. The hottest I have tackled so far is called a ‘Carolina reaper’ which is substantially hotter than the commonly known ‘ghost pepper’.”

Robinson: “I was a 13-pound baby.”

Tan: “I’m a bit embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy making Teacher TikToks when I’m not teaching or preparing for lessons. I think it’s a wonderful way for me to try to spread joy in these difficult times, which is important to me, and I really have a lot of fun doing it.”