Building committee votes; plans for new school in the works


Hollis Tharpe , Opinions Editor

Throughout this year, the Building Committee has gone through a competitive design process in order to select an architect firm that best suits the project’s goals. After a series of presentations, the committee voted to build a new school, using TSKP’s design. The firm has already created basic schematics for the project that are available to the public online at

Building Committee Chair, Meghan Guerrera, believes the next steps are for the town to work with the firm to create more detailed schematics, and hopefully cut costs.

Another important piece is communication. The committee looks to streamline communication so that all town members are aware of what is happening, so they are able to make the most informed decision when it is time to vote.

This process relies on the engagement of the Farmington community. We encourage questions along the way and ask that everyone stay informed through our website,” Guerrera said.

High school Principal, Scott Hurwitz, is a non voting member of the committee, but still remains very closely involved with this process. 

“Our next phase is to create a schematic design. We have to get all the information to the state office of reimbursement for our grant reimbursement, which is due by the end of June. I expect lots of changes around where things are placed, how they’re structured, and maybe even the look of the building based on feedback from the community,” Hurwitz said.

The committee met every week during the first phase of the project, but have since shifted to bi-weekly meetings since the start of phase two. 

For any students or committee members who feel strongly about this project, the meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.