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Don’t let technology get the best of you

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Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have taken over a far larger portion of daily life than maybe expected. Walking through any public setting, school, the mall or even the library, it seems like everyone is glued to their phones, most likely on some sort of social media site. Now with so many people engrossed into their persona on social media, the time allotted to focusing on developing one’s own self and personality is far lower.

The problem now is that instead of paying attention to understanding oneself, individuals are more concerned with how they appear and how people perceive them, both online and in reality


The cycle works like this: while a person is invested in creating an online persona, they place effort into maintaining that persona in their daily lives, so much so that they neglect time and effort  into actually understanding who they truly are.

The problem with this is that knowing yourself is such a vital part to how you not only see yourself but how you perceive your role in society. It’s the stepping ground into the decisions a person makes and how one interacts with the world around themselves: the real world, not a fictionalized and dramatized online platform.

To be perfectly frank, if an individual’s self-awareness only comes from a cartoonized version of oneself, he/she is unable to honestly reflect on his/her own feelings and emotions, so when life gets rough, it’s difficult to cope.

On the same note, the environment that we create for ourselves is also the environment we view the world through. Therefore, if we view our world through the priorities set forth by social media trends, then we neglect to figure out our own priorities and what the things we need really are.


It’s hard to understand what you personally need, like and want as an individual. It’s hard to figure out what you’re good at and what you thoroughly enjoy to do if you invest most of your time into looking at what others claim to be doing or engaging on social media.



At the end of the day, backing away from social media and all of its trend and spending time to really understand yourself can go a long way. There is nothing more valuable than understanding yourself  enough to be able to make smart decisions and continue to motivate yourself even through the hard times in life.

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Don’t let technology get the best of you